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If you want a copy of the Windows software FREE. Let me know by E-mail, phone or letter, or download it below.
If you don't have any Windows platforms, there is a `browser friendly` version accessable to subscribers for £9.99 per month.
I have recently modified the web pages so it is now posible to save pages and convert to standard CSV files for your own use.

I now have fibre connections on all my servers (I now have four!) so have allowed access to the free download to all.
It now has all the corrections to the official 1st June 2015 UK National Hunt distances and the new NEWCASTLE(AW) information.

You can download it for free from Click here It has data to 24th June 2021.
Unzip the file somewhere easy to find and run setup `as administrator`.
The later versions of Windows 10 are a bit of a pain! If you have problems installing the software, let me know. (I have not been beaten yet!) But, we have a web version that has all the information you need to assess a future race. If you want a free trial for a month, just e-mail me and I'll set it of for you.

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Daily updates available by email, or web download, at £9.99 per month so you don't have to type in any race information. Daily declarations are sent at the same time, so you don't even need a newspaper. (Weekly result updates only are available via floppy disk and normal mail). Just pick your race, pick each runner's name, select a previous run for each as a reference and the program will consult a huge database, adjust for course, weight, distance and going, AUTOMATICALLY, and tell you which horse could and should win. If you don't have time to check each horse individually, there is a 'Assess a whole day's racing in one go' button. It will assess a whole day's racing without you even touching the keyboard. All the information you will need is available at the click of a mouse button, wherever you are in the world. If you have your own system, you can export any data from the database using standard SQL. The Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file it produces can be read with a text editor, imported into Excel, OpenOffice or Lotus 123 or transfered to a mobile phone or tablet. If you follow a small group of horses, the declarations are checked daily to see if any horse you are interested in is running.



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  • Search for the performance of horses with a specific word in their name (I was rather sceptical about this method until I realised that foals will share part of the names of their parents and, of course, their breeding line):-

Would it have shown a profit?

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  • Listing the fastest horses.

Fastest Runners

Flat Horse Speed(MPH) vs Age.
As I expected, horse speed peaks at about 2-Y-O

Flat Horse Speed vs Age

Hunt Horse Speed(MPH) vs Age.

Hunt Horse Speed vs Age

Flat AW Horse Speed(MPH) vs Weight Carried.
This suprised me. I just expected horses to slow the more weight they carried

AW Horse Speed vs Weight Carried

Flat Turf Horse Speed(MPH) vs Weight Carried.

TF Horse Speed vs Weight Carried

Hunt Hurdle Horse Speed(MPH) vs Weight Carried.

NHHU Horse Speed vs Weight Carried

Hunt ChaseHorse Speed(MPH) vs Weight Carried.

NHCH Horse Speed vs Weight Carried

Hunt Bumper Horse Speed(MPH) vs Weight Carried.

NHBU Horse Speed vs Weight Carried


  • This was a couple of day's performance figures using the automatic option, £100 level bet. A good couple of days!


  • This is our new Greyhoung Racing Assessment for subscribers to our web version

Click For Raw Data

  • People e-mail me and ask about my own betting strategy. Above is an example of one strategy but I just do a plain level bet to win at Betfair and only bet a percentage of my `pot` each day. I try and get the best odds as I can. I contunually analyse all the results of 167,596 flat races and 116,944 hunt races since 1994 (at 03/06/2021) and tried to find the best way to use the program.
    When I started Simple Software Racing in 1994, it was based on Davey Towey`s book `The Solidus`, under his direction. We input the results data ourselves from the Racing Post and the Sporting Life newspapers.
    Davey didn`t like the All Weather and there were no co-efficents for the Irish courses in his book either. Some of the figures in the book were changed by Davey in Biro in the copy I worked from.
    When he disappeared to Ireland, I managed to get a daily data supply, continued with the MS-DOS version and wrote the first Windows version of the software.
    Obviously, in those 20 years, courses have changed, distances have been added and rails moved, and, of course, new courses added.
    I interpolated and extrapolated the figures I had, to calculate the co-efficients I didn`t have but it was very difficult and didn`t have much confidence in them, but they were as close as I could get.
    Since I added the actual speed of a horse, in miles-per-hour during a race, to the database last year (I wanted to see how the age of a horse affected it`s speed), it produced loads of negative ages.
    I found thousands of horses that have their names re-used in later, younger, horses. The older horses had I or II added to their names and the newer ones were left the same.
    I corrected them all and now check daily, when I get my results, to see if there are any more. I correct them before I send the results out to my customers.
    I recently looked at the maximum and minimum speeds of horses in the last 20 years and found even more errors in the database.
    There must be a phone call involved somewhere in getting the race times from the course to my data supplier. There were hundreds similar to, 235 seconds instead of 2m 35s (should have been, 155 secs) and 123 seconds instead of 1m 23s (should have been 83 seconds).
    I also took out `one horse races`, or `walk-overs` from my calculations, as the horse must still finish to win the race but the times are usually very, very slow and cannot be considered useful performance indicators. One showed up as 17mph, about half top speed!
    I had one recent race marked `Too Fast`. I checked the times with the Racing Post and the time, going and distance were correct. I looked at the Sporting Life and the time shown was a few seconds slower. As it didn`t seem to be a particularly fast race, I used the slower Sporting Life time.
    I walked the course at Epsom a few years ago and noticed that, whatever the official going, some parts of the course were hard at the top of the hills and soggy at the bottom.
    I realised that I needed to quantify the actual going coefficient for each distance and each official going value as different race distances at each course were run over different parts of the course. Having the actual horse speeds in the database helped me calculate them all.
    The motivation of the changes I have made to the program and database, was the change of the Poly Track at Wolverhampton to the Tapeta surface this year.
    I needed to calculate all the coefficients of the new surface from scratch, the going, standard times, everything. I discussed it with some of my customers and decided to rename the old Poly Track races` coefficients `Wolverhamptom(PT)` and leave the new Tapeta as `Wolverhampton(AW)` and recalculate all the coefficients using just my own calculations.
    I recalculated all the going coefficients for each distance and going using the speeds of the winners of each race (except walk-overs, see above!).
    I recalculated all the standard times using, again, just the speed of the winners.
    I also calculated a Jockey co-efficient. Whether it is skill and experience, or wrecklessness and inexperience, I guessed that some jockeys ride faster than others. They might take advantage of faster bits of a course that they know very well. They might only ride faster horses. Whatever! I did notice that some `famous` jockeys are significantly slower than average.
    I removed the `jockey effect` when calculating the ratings after the race, and added it back in again, with, posibly a different jockey coefficient, to assess a future race.
    As I am more confident in the accuracy of my data now, I did that for ALL the races of all the courses since 1994.
    These are the figures I use now in my `default` assessment options and don`t use any from `The Solidus`.
    It is early day`s but my win hit rate percentage so far this month is pretty good and I only finished all the calculations a week ago!
    I think I`ve made the correct decision.
    The following links give all the statistics for each Course/Race Type and allows you to decide on the best strategy. They give all Horses, Jockey/Trainer combinations, distance, odds, day of the week and tables of the last 20 years' totals.
    Click on the link, download the text file and browse at your leisure.

Report on how the software performs by course

Click Here for full description in PDF format

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT/2000, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 available on free CD or free download.

The CD or software download is free

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  • SSR1. Full system with all 1994 to 2021 (to date) hunt, flat, all weather and bumper data to date, but you have to input any new data. If you are only interested in one small class of horse (say 2yo's), this is more than sufficient and it will cost you nothing.

  • If you are busy or just lazy, can't get a UK racing newspaper or a regular daily paper, the optional daily or weekly updates of ALL race results (Hunt, Flat, All Weather, Bumper) and declarations via Email or web download at £9.99 per month (or normal post, weekly result updates only via floppy disk.)

  • If you have your own racing system, you can export any of the data, past or present using standard SQL.

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